All of the God-Pharoh's Gifts

The history of this concept

Today we will be examning the potential for an older archtype in standard that has gone through a lot of evolution. We first saw the deck being played as a Blue white shell with refurbish. The goal was to mill cards with Minister of Inquiries and manipulate draws with the help of Champion of Wits, Chart the Course, and Strategic Planning and to cast refurbish to return your God-Pharoh's Gift that was placed in the Graveyard into play. The main Target to reanimate was Angel of Inventions because it made 2 tokens that it would pump and be a 4/4 flier with vigilance and lifelink so it instantly made an 8 point life swing by dealing 4 and gaining 4 life while also being able to defend.

later the archtype become a blue red combo deck to gain infinite attack phases with Combat celebrant. the goal was Similar to the blue white version but it needed to bring out the God Pharoh's gift with gate to the afterlife which gave card selection and life while trying to get enough creatures in the graveyard to activate it. When God-Pharoh's gift did come into play that turn the plan was to make a token of combat celebrant attack exerting it to get another combat phase. This allowed for the God-Pharoh's Gift to activate again and bring out another combat celebrant removing a second copy to activate and then attack with it exerting it to untap the previous token and gain another attack phase. This would loop into infinite attack phases and every creature in the graveyard exiled with tokens of them in play attacking infinite times. The deck then became more streamlined trying to go mono red but it didnt succeed for a long period of time. The goal was the same as the blue red variant but with more small creatures to have a more agressive game plan that also could win out of nowhere with just cheating God-Pharoh's Gift into play.

Now we see the newest variant as Blue Black because of the new M19 uncommon Sticher's Supplier fueling the graveyard with targets for God-Pharoh's Gift. The newest iteration is low to the ground with disruptive 2 drops like Kitesail Freebooter and card advantage engines like Glint-sleeve Siphoner that we have seen in many other decks. The decks flaw is that it must rely on Gate to the Afterlife to triger and it doesnt really have any bombs to reanimate that will bring the player back into the game ourside of mainly being a 4/4 creature that can draw cards or slightly disrupt the opponents hand. Granted the deck can search out the Gate to the Afterlife with trophy mage, but it is mana intensive and not part of the plan to just mill the deck and bring out the team to win. Due to the decks lack of explosiveness in the current fast meta with red decks running rampant and not nicol bolas being a flying threat that hurts this iteration trying to keep card advantage, i propose a new concept. Why can't we just play the original deck with the best self mill strategy card printed in standard in a long time.


Esper God-Pharoh's Gift

Creatures 19

4 Stitcher's Supplier

4 Minister of Inquiries

4 Champion of Wits

3 Angel of Inventions

2 Kitesail Freebooter

1 The Scarab god

1 Hostage Taker


Sorceries 13

4 Refurbish

2 Fumigate

3 Chart the Course

4 Strategic Planning


Instants 1

1 Settle the Wreckage


Artifacts 4

4 God-Pharoh's Gift


Lands 23

4 Fetid Pools

4 Irrigated Farmland

4 Glacial Fortress

4 Drowned Catacombs

2 Isolated Chapel

2 Island

1 Plains

2 Swamp


Side Board

4 Vraska's Contempt

3 Duress

2 Negate

2 Settle the Wreckage

2 Suncourge Champion

1 Sorcerous Spyglass


The Goal is simple, To mill ourselves enough to get a few creatures and 1 God-Pharoh's Gift into the Graveyard while shifting through cards with Chart the Course and Strategic Planning. Then on turn 4 hopefully resolve a Refurbish to stabalize, in the worst case scenario that we need to play around abrade or counter magic we have enough early game and mid game to stall out until we can either foce them to tap out, or just shift through for enough ways to either cheat or cast God-Pharoh's Gift. 


Why 3 colors?

The refurbish plan is too good to pass up as it is the fastest more efficient way to put this 7 mana artifact into play. This means we have to play white, which also means we gain access to the best boardwipes in standard and to instill fear in the opponent. If the opponent is less enthused to play more creatures than we have a better shot to last till we can sucessfully put God-Pharoh's Gift into play. Blue is too good to pass up on with how much card selection it has to place key cards into the graveyard while also just milling and giving sideboard options for counter magic. Black has the best mill card in standard with the best back up plan of The Scarab God. Black also gives us the sideboard option of duress and Vraska's contempt which are back breakingly good in alot of match ups currently. The current format has so many different lands that it is easy to play 3 colors especially with so much card selection in the deck